Adopt a Polar Bear

Koda’s Story (Grades K-5)

‘Adopt a Polar Bear’ is a fun and educational online experience that requires no teacher prep time and helps schools and families take climate actions for clean air and blue skies.

The program educates and empowers children to be stewards of the planet. When families make climate pledges, Cool the Earth donates to the World Wildlife Fund, to support polar bear habitats.

To share with your students, simply provide the program link:

Our campaign runs in schools for one month and is available  in both English and Spanish.

Program Components

  1. Student Videos: three short, educational videos telling the story of Koda.
  2. Parent Video: short parent video offering ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
  3. Family Climate Action Pledges: families make pledges for clean air and blue skies.
  4. Creative Activity: students express lessons learned with individual or collaborative classroom activity with the theme, Together, taking climate actions for clean air and blue skies.

Lesson Plans

Get creative and incorporate Adopt a Polar Bear into your lesson plans.

Sample K-2 Lesson Plan

Courtesy of Regina D’Orio
Oyster Bay, NY

1. Student Audio Files and Scripts

Chapter 1: Time to Hunt

Chapter 1: English Script

Chapter One: Time to hunt

Koda is a sleepy cub and is just waking up. Mama bear calls, “it’s time to go hunting.” Koda replies, “Yay! Last night I was dreaming about hunting for gummy seals!”

It’s a perfectly frosty morning in the Arctic and the bears head out. They jump in the water and swim and swim and swim. Koda is getting tired and asks, “Can we please take a break?” Mama bear wants to give Koda a rest, but their ice is missing. “Koda, we need to go back to the shore. Our habitat seems to be melting away,” says Mama. Koda complains, “But I didn’t find any gummy seals yet. What if my ice bed, and my ice-phone melt away?”

The bears return to the land and are joined by Mother Nature who is trying to restore the polar bears’ icy habitat. But a scoundrel by the name of Mr. Carbon is making the Earth too hot. Mother Nature explains, “Earth needs the right balance of a gas called carbon dioxide for all things to survive, but Mr. Carbon wants the whole planet to be too hot. It’s causing Earth to have a fever.”

Koda asks “Can you just give the Earth some aspirin? Mother Nature laughs, “Oh Koda, this is a different kind of fever. It’s a global warming fever, and it means the entire earth is too hot.”

“Hot? You called for me? Here I am! Hot, Hot, hot. What’s the matter Little Koda, you don’t like me?” exclaims Mr. Carbon.

Koda doesn’t like being bullied and is ready to pounce on Mr. Carbon when…

[Narrator] Unlock Chapter 2 to see what happens next!!

Chapter 1: Spanish Script

Chapter One: Time to hunt

Koda es un cachorro dormilon y apenas se está despertando. Mamá oso dice: “es hora de ir a cazar”. Koda responde: “¡VIVA! ¡Anoche soñaba con cazar gomas de foca!”

Es una mañana helada en el Ártico y los osos salen. Saltan al agua y nadan y nadan y nadan. Koda está cansando y pregunta: “¿Podemos tomar un descanso?” Mamá oso quiere darle un descanso a Koda, pero les hace falta su hielo. “Koda, tenemos que volver a la orilla. Nuestro hábitat parece estar derritiéndose ”, dice Mama. Koda se queja: “Pero todavía no he encontrado ningúna goma de foca. ¿Qué pasa si mi cama de hielo y mi teléfono de hielo se derriten?

Los osos regresan a la tierra y Madre Naturaleza que está tratando de restaurar el hábitat helado de los osos polares los une a todos. Pero un malvado llamado Mr. Carbon está haciendo que la tierra esté demasiado caliente. La Madre Naturaleza explica: “La Tierra necesita el equilibrio correcto de un gas llamado dióxido de carbono para que todas las cosas sobrevivan, pero el Sr. Carbon quiere que todo el planeta esté demasiado caliente. Está causando una fiebre terrible para la Tierra”.

Koda pregunta: “¿Puedes darle un poco de aspirina a la Tierra? La Madre Naturaleza se ríe, “Oh Koda, este es un tipo de fiebre diferente. Es una fiebre del calentamiento global, y significa que toda la tierra está demasiado caliente”.

“¿Caliente? ¿Me llamaste? ¡Aquí estoy! Caliente, caliente, caliente. ¿Qué te pasa Little Koda, no me quieres? ” exclama el señor Carbon.

A Koda no le gusta que lo maltraten y está listo para atacar al Sr. Carbon cuando…

[Narrador] ¡Desbloquea el Capítulo 2 para ver qué pasa después!

Chapter 2: Global Warming Fever

Chapter 2: English Script

Chapter Two: Global Warming Fever

Koda wishes Mr. Carbon would leave the Arctic.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa there Little Koda!” shouts Mr. Carbon. “The humans invited me!”

Koda asks Mother Nature if that’s true. Mother Nature replies, “You see, Koda, global warming fever happens when the humans get too much of their energy from oil, gas and coal. These are called fossil fuels and they release lots of carbon dioxide. This heats up the planet is causing trouble for all of nature.”

Koda is confused and his belly is starting to rumble. He wants to eat some food, snuggle in his ice bed and watch some Abearican Idol. Mama sees Koda is hungry and tells Koda to stay with Mother Nature while she goes to hunt for food. Mama gives Koda a quick hug and plunges into the cold waters.

In the meantime, Koda turns to Mother Nature to ask, “Why would the humans use fossil fuels if they make the earth hot and make my ice melt? I don’t understand!”

Mother Nature replies, “Oh Koda, some humans just don’t understand the impact of using fossil fuels. When they do, they will start to make some changes.”

Koda and Mother Nature walk back to Koda’s den to wait for Mama Bear to return. They wait and wait but Mama does not return. Koda is missing his Mama and is feeling very sad. Mother Nature knows she cannot stay in the Arctic forever and needs to find someone to adopt Koda. She wonders is there anyone who will adopt this sweet little cub and give him a home?

[Narrator]: unlock the next video to see what happens next.

Chapter 2: Spanish Script

Chapter Two: Global Warming Fever

Koda desea que el Sr. Carbon abandone el Ártico.

“¡Whoa, whoa, whoa, pequeña Koda!” grita el Sr. carbono. “¡Los humanos me invitaron!”

Koda le pregunta a la Madre Naturaleza si eso es cierto. Madre naturaleza responde: “Mira Koda, fiebre de calentamiento global ocurre cuando los seres humanos consiguen demasiada de su energía de petróleo, gas y carbón. Estos se llaman combustibles fósiles y liberan mucho dióxido de carbono. Esto calienta el planeta y está causando problemas para toda la naturaleza “.

Koda está confundido y su barriga comienza a retumbar. Quiere comer algo, acurrucarse en su cama de hielo y ver un La Voz Oso. Mamá ve que Koda tiene hambre y le dice a Koda que se quede con la Madre Naturaleza mientras ella va a buscar comida. Mamá le da un rápido abrazo a Koda y se sumerge en las aguas frías.

Mientras tanto, Koda se dirige a la Madre Naturaleza para preguntarle: “¿Por qué los humanos usarían combustibles fósiles si calientan la tierra y hacen que mi hielo se derrita? ¡No entiendo! “

La Madre Naturaleza responde: “Oh Koda, algunos humanos simplemente no entienden el impacto del uso de combustibles fósiles. Cuando lo hagan, comenzarán a hacer algunos cambios “.

Koda y la Madre Naturaleza regresan a la guarida de Koda para esperar a que regrese mamá oso. Esperan y esperan pero mamá no regresa. Koda extraña a su mamá y se siente muy triste. La Madre Naturaleza sabe que no puede quedarse en el Ártico para siempre y necesita encontrar a alguien para adoptar a Koda. Ella se pregunta si hay alguien que adopte a este pequeño dulce cachorro y le dén un hogar.

[Narrador]: Desbloquea el siguiente video para ver qué sucede a continuación.

Chapter 3: Finding a Home for Koda

Chapter 3: English Script

Chapter Three: Finding a Home for Koda

Koda is sad and is missing his Mama. Mother Nature wonders, “Will the humans be willing to help Koda and all the polar bears?”

Mr. Carbon says, “No way, sorry Ms. Natural. The humans love fossil fuels. They especially love their gasoline cars! They like it hot!”

Koda and Mother Nature decide to write a list of things humans could do to help. Koda reads: “Kids can turn off their lights and computers when they’re not in use. They can walk or bike or bus to school like I do. Parents can use a bike or an e-bike to get around. And if they drive, they can drive an electric car. These actions would help so much!”

Mr. Carbon says, “Listen, Little Koda, the humans will never do the things you want!”

Koda asks, “Mother Nature, do you think the humans help?” Mother Nature replies, “Oh Koda, you are such a sweet young cub. When the humans find out you’ve lost your ice, I just know they will help. They’ll do things lots of things like get their power from the sun and the wind and use it for their homes and cars.”

Koda thanks Mother Nature for being such a good friend. And, he asks, “Humans, can I count on you to find me a home and cool the earth?”

[Narrator] Kids, will you take action to help the earth and to help adopt Koda? Watch the next video with a parent or adult and pledge to take action together!

Chapter 3: Spanish Script

Chapter Three: Finding a Home for Koda

Koda está triste y extraña a su mamá. La Madre Naturaleza se pregunta: “¿Estarán los humanos dispuestos a ayudar a Koda y a todos los osos polares?”

El Sr. Carbon dice: “De ninguna manera, lo siento Sra. Naturaleza. Los humanos aman los combustibles fósiles. ¡Especialmente aman sus autos de gasolina! ¡Les gusta el calor!
Koda y la Madre Naturaleza deciden escribir una lista de cosas que los humanos podrían hacer para ayudar. Koda lee: “Los niños pueden apagar sus luces y computadoras cuando no están en uso. Pueden caminar, andar en bicicleta o en autobús a la escuela como yo. Los padres pueden usar una bicicleta o una bicicleta eléctrica para moverse. Y si conducen, pueden conducir un automóvil eléctrico. ¡Estas acciones ayudarían mucho!

El Sr. Carbon dice: “Escucha, Pequeño Koda, ¡los humanos nunca harán las cosas que quieres!”

Koda pregunta: “Madre Naturaleza, ¿crees que los humanos ayuden?” La Madre Naturaleza responde: “Oh Koda, eres un cachorro tan dulce y joven. Cuando los humanos descubran que has perdido tu hielo, sé que ayudarán. Harán muchas cosas para ayudar, por ejemplo obtener su energía del sol y el viento y usarla para sus hogares y automóviles “.

Koda agradece a la Madre Naturaleza por ser tan buena amiga. Y él pregunta: “Humanos, ¿puedo contar con ustedes para encontrarme un hogar y refrescar la tierra?”

[Narrador] Niños, ¿tomarán medidas para ayudar a la tierra y ayudar a adoptar Koda? ¡Mire el próximo video con un padre o adulto y comprométerse a actuar juntos!

—- El fin —

2. Parent Video

Did you know that 30-40 % of our carbon footprint comes from driving a gas car?

When we switch from a gas car to an EV and plug into clean energy, you can cut your carbon footprint in half.

English Video

Spanish Video 

3. Family Climate Pledges

Let’s work together to take climate action! When families pledges to reduce their carbon footprint, Cool the Earth will make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to restore polar bear habitats and “adopt a polar bear.”

4. Koda Quest Creative Activity

With the theme, “Together, taking climate action for clean air and blue skies” draw a picture, create a poster or collaborative mural, write a story or poem, record a song, or make a video.

Submit your work to

Select entries will be posted in the Koda Quest Student Gallery.