Adopt a Polar Bear

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Let’s Help Polar Bears and the Earth!

Students, first, watch the three chapters of Adopt a Polar Bear. Next, with a parent, make climate pledges for clean air and blue skies.

For every 250 climate pledges, Cool the Earth will adopt a polar bear to help restore polar bear habitats. Top pledging schools will receive an adoption certificate. Don’t forget the Student Creative Activity which can be submitted as a class or individually and will be displayed in the Student Gallery.

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Parents Take Action for Clean Air and a Cool Planet

As parents, your choices have a big impact on the environment and your children. The cars we drive generate ⅓ of all carbon emissions. There’s a better way – using clean transportation options like walking, biking/e-biking, public transit, and electric vehicles (EVs). When you stop driving a gas car, you can cut your carbon footprint in half! EVs may seem expensive and out of reach but with incentives available up to $14,500, there’s an EV or e-bike for every lifestyle and budget.

Families Take Action!

Now it’s time to take action to ‘adopt’ a polar bear! Ask everyone in your family to make a promise to help California lead the way to a greener future! Please check at least one pledge.

Kids Pledge I pledge to come to school in a green way twice a week (walk, bike, bus, carpool).
I pledge to have one TV/electronics - free day each week.
I pledge to turn off lights and electronic devices when not needed.
I will create my own climate pledge and share it with my class.
Family Pledges We pledge to park away from school and walk/bike three times a week.
We pledge to plan a family day without cars once a month.
We pledge to test drive an EV or an E-bike as a family in the next month.
We pledge to make our next car electric and help reach California’s goal of all-electric by 2030.
We pledge to research solar panels and/or renewable energy options for our home.


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Student Creative Activity

Get creative today! With the theme, “Together, Taking Climate Action,” draw a picture, create a poster or collaborative mural, write a story or poem, record a song, or make a video. Submit your work to

Artwork will be posted in the Student Gallery.

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