Adopt a Polar Bear

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Let’s Help Polar Bears and the Earth!

Students, first, watch the three chapters of Adopt a Polar Bear. Next, with a parent watch Drive Like Your Kids Live Here. Together, make climate pledges for clean air and blue skies.

For every 250 climate pledges, Cool the Earth will adopt a polar bear to help restore polar bear habitats. Top pledging schools will receive an adoption certificate. Don’t forget the Student Creative Activity which can be submitted as a class or individually and will be displayed in the Student Gallery.

Number of Pledges:


Number of polar bears adopted:


Make a Pledge Today

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Parents, take action for clean air and blue skies!

Ask your parents to watch the next video with you. It has lots of good ideas about how families can help Koda and the Earth.

Families Take Action!

Now it’s time to take action to adopt a polar bear! Ask everyone in your family to promise to help! Check at least one pledge.

Kids Pledge I pledge to walk and bike.
I pledge to take shorter showers.
I pledge to turn off lights when not needed.
I pledge to turn off electronic devices when not in use.
Adult Pledge Please send me information about how I can save money on a new or used EV.
I pledge to walk, bike, or drive electric for commuting or running errands.
Please send me information about renewable energy options.
I pledge to test drive an EV or E-bike.
I pledge to make my next car electric.


Homeroom Teacher

Student Creative Activity

Get creative today! With the theme, “Together, Taking Climate Action,” draw a picture, create a poster or collaborative mural, write a story or poem, record a song, or make a video. Submit your work to

Artwork will be posted in the Student Gallery.

Koda Quest Student Art